Wetherell What?!

What? Wetherell? Where have y'all been?
Blogging had to be put aside so I could catch up on life, sleep, and just soak up all the craziness. This being said I don't know how consistent I am still going to be, blogging wise, but this is progress. Summer has been great. Great things have been happening and we are praying for big things to continue happening... sometimes begging patiently. Is begging ever patient? Really, Corey. But to be honest that is what is happening. I was reading Radical Together by David Platt and he states that "God is indeed sovereign and that in our suffering He may actually be plotting our satisfaction". Wow. That was big for me to read and it reminded me to rejoice in this season that he is in fact plotting and bringing satisfaction NOW.
And what a season it has been. We are in the midst of a church plant in which I have talked about before. Being a part of this has been, well, rad. It has opened my heart in big ways. God is doing amazing things and the church doors haven't even opened. I just can't imagine what God has planned. We (the core team) meet every Sunday evening and these past two Sunday's have just left my love tank full. Hearing the word by our pastor and having sweet girl friends pray powerful prayers has just done a work in me. I do not have words to describe it, it has made me cry, laugh,draw closer to the Lord and be more excited in the days to come. For all this I am thankful. Bayou City Fellowship doors open on September 11, 2011 and I am bursting in excitement for this date. BURSTING.
Adoption stuff is about the same. We payed for our home study tonight and we are submitting our paperwork for it hopefully next week after we get some physicals done for the 3 of us (which can be a little difficult since we don't live in Houston during the week yet that is where our doctor is). At the same time I am collecting paper work for our Dossier, when all that is collected, we will submit that. (probably will take a little while to collect though). A couple weeks ago we were blessed with a donation that literally left me stunned. When I saw the person that donated it as I wanted to run and give them a screaming leaping hug, I literally was paralyzed and speechless. Has that ever happened to you? It's weird. Just so stunned by how God has blessed them and then they chose to Bless me. To God be the glory.
Whitt is growing like crazy and is all boy. He impresses me daily with how much he is growing up and learning. He is so smart, sometimes a little to smart. He loves to talk about the moon and talked about how he "held" it and "touched" it. He loves helicopters, planes, coke, golf, baseball, the song "this little light of mine", his dad... the list could go on. I recently took him to seaworld with my sisters and this little 2 years old leaped with excitement when he saw shamu, I will never forget the look on his face when Shamu jumped out of the water (picture below). He is officially in a big boy bed even though he likes to try and sneak out. He is just a loving, non-stop little boy that I am officially obsessed with.
This month we also had girl move in with us. Her name is Alicia she is originally from Texas but moved from Cali. She is great. She will be serving as a staff member for Bayou City Fellowship and we were excited to welcome her back to Texas and into our home. She has been a complete joy and is blessing us already. Our past paths had crossed a lot as we attended the same University and church, we even went on a mission trip together...but we never really knew each other. So we are looking forward to getting to know her and gain a new member of our fam.

Well i think that pretty much wraps up some of life right now.
so with the life dump... I will also leave you with a dump of my iphone.

(when he saw Shamu)

Fun picture posts to come.....


Hannah Lee said...

I can see God's grace and glory shining bright through this post! I am so happy for all the fun things yall are getting to experience and your growing family! Miss and Love Yall!

Alicia said...

You forgot to mention his love of cups! Also, so thankful to be a member of the Wetherell family!

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