Happy Nine months to my little stinker.

Oh, you sure are a stinker.
You are becoming some kind of Ornery.
For now, it is considered cute...but only for now.
You are sleeping from 8 to 8 and
mommy loves you for that.
You are eating 4 7 oz. bottles a day but
can be really fickle about them.
You can never decide if you really want one.
If there is a room full of people you would totally
rather be the life of the party and
not eat your boring bottle.
You love the mornings...
you would lay in your bed and babble for hours if I let you,
you LOVE your morning oatmeal and
literally slurp it out of the spoon.
You still love your veggies more than your fruit
and still have a killer gag reflex to let
us know you don't like them
Your dad and I "tried" to sleep in the same room
as you not to long ago and son, you snore so loud.
I will start praying for you future wife's ears.
Your dad and I did not sleep at all.
You are not crawling yet but I think you are getting close.
You simply just move in circles with your arms,
you cannot yet put the arms and legs in motion together.
You will get it soon though....
Diaper changes are not our friend,
You like to flip onto your stomach mid diaper change every time-
Poop or no poop, it is not right.
You have 2 bottom teeth and your top right
one is pushing it's way through.
You have recently noticed if you scream,
you will get attention.
I am trying to figure out how to get this under control.
You are growing faster than
I would have ever dreamed,
the saying "it flashes before your eyes"
really does apply to your little life.
You have a smile that shoots it's way
directly to your mom and dad's heart
and a laugh that puts the biggest smile on our face.
Thank you for being the happiest baby I know....
Happy 9 months little bugger filled Bitters!


JPO said...

Corey!! He is just amazing.

Happy 9 months baby Whitt!

Grimes Life said...

Happy 9 months Whittaker, you are such a handsome little guy! We love you so much! :)

Everything Erwin said...

Such an adorable 9 month baby boy...loved getting to hold him this weekend, and seeing you too!!!

efguess said...

This made me tear up, and I don't even know the kid!

Lindsay said...

love the new layout!! see you soon!

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