Meet Oliver

I just wanted to
Introduce you to
Whitt's little side kick
Oliver the Owl....
Never a night without a little cuddle from Oliver

(Mom's not jealous at all....)


Rach said...

Is that the Angel Dear lovie?? We ordered Presley the pink elephant...so sweet and soft!

Hudson still sleeps with his blue blanket...I love how he rubs the blanket between his fingers when he is tired! So cute!

Grimes Life said...

TOO cute Cor! love that little guy so much! :)

Everything Erwin said...

Aww...love love love the owl!! And that Whittaker...I have no words!!!!

Lindsay said...

oh that is precious! the owl is my favorite lovie of all.

Dan and Janae said...

I love his "sidekick"!!! Where did you get it??

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