a little piece of heaven on earth

Oh this little cup is like
Heaven on Earth.
There is nothing in life (food wise) that I crave more than this,
pregnant or not pregnant.
I want to eat them in the winter but when spring comes the
cravings really start to pick up and come summer,
I am done...
I do not hold back...
nothing can hold me back.
New Orleans is known for these little beauties in a cup.
They make them oh so good.
I put two toppings on mine, it makes the cup complete,
I do not want one without the other
but if worse came to worst I would take them apart.

Oh the Snow cone....

Wedding Cake
Condensed Milk
My heaven on Earth.

You make me HAPPY
You make me SMILE

Oh look at that little munchkin's hair....
it just makes my heart hurt thinking about it...
his cute hair not the snow cone, well kind of the snow cone too....
my mouth is not watering at all as I type this post.


Amanda said...

Yum! We had a place called New Orleans Snowballs near our house when I was a kid. Every day during season we rollerbladed over there. It was so good! My fave was the dreamsicle. I have a feeling I would really like the wedding cake/condensed milk combo.

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