What up Wetherell Family

Bullet point out line- What up Wetherell Family

-We are in Dallas, Whitt has been hanging with his ladies.

-We got to go to a shower for Whitt's soon to be B.F.F, Gage

-We are buying a house in Houston, we close on May 21st...hoping everything goes smoothly

-Andy turns 30 this weekend, so so OLD.

- We had a play date with Cade and Brenley

-Whitt man started crawling (whoop whoop)
- and pulling up (whoop)
- and clapping (whoop)

- Whitt is getting 4 more teeth next to the four he already has (he is such a heart breaker)

- We have the Race for the Cure this weekend. I cant wait to celebrate people that are fighting here on earth for their life and people who are cheering us on in heaven. Whitt is doing his first race for his friend Wyatt in memory of Wyatt's Aunt K.

We will have a great week of Posts next week with lots of fun pictures. For now I will leave you this one of Whitt and his ladies!


Rach said...

Yea for a new house, new teeth, crawling, clapping & pulling up!!! We had so much fun seeing you and Whitt at the baby shower! He is so cute! I love the pic of him and the ladies!!!

Kim Soto said...

Such a ladies man! Love me some Whitt!

Lindsay said...

so many wonderful things to say YAY about :)

Amy said...

Way to go Whitt! And we also thank you, Whitt for participating in the big race today! Cannot wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

Everything Erwin said...

We had so much fun with y'all this past week!!! The house is so lonely now!!! Love you, Whitt and that 30 year old man of yours!!!

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