City of Jazz.

Whitt and I made our way to New Orleans at the beginning
of the week,it was out first long trip together (6 hours).
We had a great drive...
we sang and danced the whole way.
We have been enjoying good friday with fun in the sun.
This little stinker said "mama" this week
and it just made my heart melt.
He is such a joy -
he is filled with constant Laughter and Smiles.
This little mister has a mind of his own.
He is going through a stage where he like to be held,
but not by anybody in particular, anyone will do.
I think he just loves all the attention.
We have an appointment with our Developmental
pediatrition on Tuesday so hopefully she will give
us some good insight on this little mister.
We are looking forward to it.
But for now we are going to enjoy our time in
the city of jazz, eating crawfish,
po-boys, oysters (YUCK!) ,
and enjoying this Easter weekend.
Oh.... and Whitt's legs are getting
oh so delectable.
I know you can't
see them well but the chub on them
just melts my little heart.

Hope your Easter weekend is Wonderful!!!!


Kim Soto said...

oh whitt, you are so handsome! you and bren can compare the chub on your legs! :) have fun in new orleans!

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