Race for the CURE

This weekend we had the honor of participating in the
Race for the Cure in Fort Worth.
We were able to walk it for so many people who have been
in their fight with breast cancer, some celebrating
on earth and some in heaven but equally victorious
in conquering their cancer. Whitt was able to walk (stroll) in his
first race and loved it the whole time,
he just loved being outside and looking at all the people.
Click link below to register for a Race or just donate...

{Side Note: My Cousin Mary Caitlin just opened a new store and it has
some seriously CUTE things, GO CHECK IT OUT.... click on the
button on the sidebar it will take you to cute clothes. Click Le Modish}


Everything Erwin said...

So fun we could all do it together for such a great cause!! P.S. your cousin's store is SUPER cute!!

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